Commercial Customers

Specification and Installation

Basic Guidelines

Carpet installation must be properly planned, estimated and coordinated. The installation plan must include accurate measurements, show seam placement and detail areas requiring special considerations, such as unusual room shapes, closets, borders, etc.

Installation specifiers:  Provide drawings with the approved location of seams, edge moldings, carpet direction and accessories (adhesives, cushion, etc.).

General contractor:  Provide an appropriate surface upon which to install carpet, including confirmation of concrete moisture and alkali conditions, cleanliness, surface quality and floor levelness. The contractor must also set appropriate room temperatures 48 hours prior to installation (65 to 95 degrees) and provide ventilation during and 48 to 72 hours after installation.

Installation contractor: The installation contract must use qualified labor and specified tools and accessories; provide accuracy of measurement and coordinate with the general contractor on all applicable details, including the installation date, delivery, storage, security and insurance.

Download this helpful timeline as an effective guide, whether the installation is for a new facility or the replacement of carpet in an existing facility.
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