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Retention Rating Scales

An aid for assessing texture change

CRI’s Performance Standards Committee has developed reference scales to be used as an aid in assessing appearance change in carpet.  These scales are widely used in grading laboratory specimens, such as those tested in a Hexapod or Vettermann Drum tester, and also for grading floor traffic specimens tested according to ASTM D-6119.  This series of reference scales is a revision of those previously adopted.

Each set of scales consists of six sets of digitally imaged increments of change, representing a five-point scale with intermediate half steps.

  • Adequate and correct lighting should be utilized when using the scales.
  • Multiple graders are recommended.  CRI TM 101 specifies a minimum of three graders.
  • Rate to the half step.  Average and report to the nearest 1/10th grade.

Below is a complete representative set of scales for CRI-1, Saxony cut-pile carpet:

Grade 1   Grade 1.5

Grade 2   Grade 2.5

Grade 3   Grade 3.5

Grade 4   Grade 4.5

Available Scales
CRI-1, Saxony cut pile
CRI-2, Berber, Loop
CRI-3, Commercial loop, low profile
CRI-4, Cut pile commercial plush
CRI-5, Cut pile Frieze
CRI-6, Tipsheared pattern
CRI-7, Loop pile pattern

Special abbreviated (Field Use) scales—supplied as a one-page full step version of each of the above—is displayed below.

CRI-1   CRI-2

CRI-3   CRI-4

CRI-5   CRI-6

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