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A Model for your Specification: A step-by-step guide to selecting the right carpet for your floor.
Model Specifications for Commercial Carpet PDF (PDF 1.02 MB)

Model Specification Commercial Carpet

Today’s carpet offers you a wide variety of choices in style, fiber composition and color whether you are specifying broadloom or title for a corporate office, school and public space or purchasing an area rug for a boutique hotel. Gone are the days of having to select only conventional loop pile. New technology can produce multilevel loop and cut-loop patterns allowing diamond, bow, pin dot or fleur-de-lis designs that “pop out” in sculptured effects.

Besides style, carpet also plays an important functional role in indoor settings.  Carpet can give personality to a workplace, ranging from formal to bold.  In hospitality settings, it can provide directional clues to move people to the registration areas or elevators. In healthcare settings, carpet can be soothing and emotionally healing.  It can quiet a computer lab in schools.  And in retail, carpet is a welcoming addition but understated because the goal is to display merchandise.

Another versatile aspect of carpet is its size.  Carpet tile or modular tile is popular because of design flexibility and ease of transportation, replacement and access to underfoot electronic cabling for corporate buildings.

To match the best carpet to the proper end-use, you should consider:

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