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Interested in learning more about carpet and rugs? Check out some of these other resources, research, studies and publications.

  • Helpful Links — Organizations, associations and industry-related sources
  • Carpet Primer —The CRI Primer details the fundamentals of carpet —h ow it is made, specified, installed and maintained — the basic technical knowledge you need to make sound carpet decisions.  Also included is carpet’s role in environmental issues, especially indoor air quality and recycling.
  • Carpet Terms — CRI has listed some basic terminology below to help you become more educated when it comes to your carpet purchase and installation.  Familiarizing yourself with these common carpet terms will help you communicate more effectively with your carpet retailer and installer, and it will help you make the most informed carpet decisions possible.
  • Record of Purchase PDF (PDF 44 KB)— Just as with any significant household purchase, you should keep complete records of your carpet purchase for questions or assistance in the future.

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Find a Seal of Approval Certified Product
Find a Seal of Approval Certified Product