Green Label Cushion

CRI Testing Programs Green Label Cushion

Green Label Cushion Testing Protocol And Product Requirements

CRI established the Green Label program to test for volatile organic compounds in cushion used under carpet.  This program helps the carpet manufacturer, installer and end user identify and utilize low-emission cushion.

Cushion products that meet the current emissions criteria can display the program’s green and white seal.  Products are retested regularly for continued compliance, so specifiers seeking a low-emitting cushion can confidently select one bearing the Green Label.

Cushion products are characterized as prime polyurethane, bonded polyurethane, mechanically frothed polyurethane, rubber-hair, rubber–jute, synthetic fiber, resinated or coated synthetic fiber, rubber and rubberized polyurethane.

Cushions are tested for total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs), butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), formaldehyde and 4-phenylcyclohexine (4-PCH).

Criteria are based on a maximum emission factor as follows:

TVOCs: 1000 µg/m² · hr
BHT 300 µg/m² · hr
Formaldehyde 50 µg/m² · hr
4-PCH 50 µg/m² · hr

For additional information, contact the Carpet Cushion Council at (484) 687-5170 or at

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